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Welcome to vgPiano's super metroid project. At the moment we now have six tracks two of which have sheet music done for them. Unlike most of the game projects I have seen the projects here at vgpiano will not be sealed off after their initial release. The members of vgpiano will always be free to contribute additional tracks to any game project we have until the entire game is scored.

To listen to the mp3s we recomment Winamp and for the SPC files we recommend using SAmp which is an SPC plugin for Winamp.

Track Arranger Piano Sheet Original
Game start Zoola Start Game soon Samus
Brinstar Rexy A Bane Grows in Brinstar Sheet Brinstar 2
Norfair Eric Barker Norfair Depths Sheet Norfair 2
Maridia Disturbed Mezzo-piano Maridia Sheet Maridia 2
End theme Darkpearl Metroid ending soon Ending
Item collect Disturbed Piano item Sheet Item
Page created April 1st 2006